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K Group has a strong background in creating new streams of revenue for our clients. Our approach to building revenue is based on a decision based approach to both consumer and business decisions. We have extensive expertise in how people and organizations make decisions. This expertise is central to our pricing strategy practice and is a centerpiece of our revenue building approach. We apply decision-based marketing techniques to building new sources of revenue in three major practice areas (in addition to our pricing practice).

This knowledge (1) gives us the insight needed to leverage the activities and productivity of the sales force, (2) helps us to take advantage of "positive word of month” marketing as an under-utilized tool for accelerating business results and (3) encourages an environment where firms focus on developing new categories of business (and brands to serve those categories) rather than merely proliferating marginally profitable new products.

We employ a rigorous approach to development of new revenue streams that (1) builds on the core competencies of existing business units, (2) uses a market-centric (versus more traditional product-centric) planning and thought process, (3) uncovers new, untapped market opportunities (or new categories of business), and (4) integrates strong organization thinking into the rollout and management of each new enterprise.

K Group is often integrated as part of the client’s internal team - - acting as the organizational catalyst to drive the development and implementation of each new revenue initiative. As such, we often agree up front to share in the risk of failure as well as the fruits of success for our effort.

The advantage of teaming with K Group to lead and help manage your new revenue initiative rollout is that:
• We have developed revenue streams both as in internal manager and as an external   consultant.
• The cost of using K Group during the development and early rollout phase is minimal   (at a time when the business needs the most help, but can least afford it).
• Our approach identifies truly new categories of business and new revenue streams   with high brand-differentiation potential (as opposed to simply rolling out more new,   unbranded products with limited profit and revenue potential).
• We have extensive implementation experience to get ideas and concepts off the   drawing board and into the marketplace quickly
• We only “win” if you win.

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